Hi! I’m Suzanne…

I’m married to my best friend and mom of four amazing kids. I started off as an engineer, but after a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease in 2009 that scared the death outta me, I started down a path determined to find a better, more natural way to heal than the prescription meds the doctor told me was my only option. This lead me to functional/holistic nutrition. 

I found another option.

Through my studies and research, I’ve learned the effect diet, lifestyle, and stress can have on illness and disease. I’ve also learned how integral gut health is to our overall health and healing and how many factors contribute to gut health…nutrition, stress, sleep, medications, exercise…all the things! In today’s world, those of us who don’t struggle with one (or many!) of those things are few and far between and therefore, there are few of us with perfect gut health. There is no doubt in my mind that compromised gut health played a significant role in my diagnosis – as it does with many other chronic health conditions.

Most of us just don’t know it.  

Compromised gut health can simmer for years without us having a clue it’s happening. It manifests in many different ways, so we often don’t associate it with common issues we deal with such as: poor digestion, arthritis, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, acne, hormone imbalance, weight gain, anxiety, etc…the list truly does go on and on!

Life is busy…we’re always running here, or late to go there…there’s just so. much. to. do. We never stop. But something’s gotta give and believe me when I tell you that eventually, give it will. My diagnosis forced me to take a look at every aspect of my life and realize that in my efforts to be everything that everyone needed, whenever they needed it, I ignored so many of the warning signs my body was sending and I ended up very sick. 

We have to pay attention to our symptoms…they are the body’s way of telling us that something is out of balance. I can proudly say that I’ve found ways to find better balance in my life which has resulted in better balance in my body, and has allowed me to heal and manage my autoimmune illness without prescription medications. It didn’t happen overnight and it took some pretty big-time dedication, but I got it done.

And boy, was it worth the effort! It feels amazing!

I’m on a mission to help people  strengthen their gut health so they can be rid of their annoying and often painful symptoms. In doing so, it’s my sincere hope that I can educate folks how to take control of their health and be able to prevent the onset of more serious health issues and chronic conditions that are on the rise all around us.

Teaching preventative healthcare is my mission!

If you’re tired of dealing with symptoms that are impacting your daily life, ready to feel great again and want to know how to do it, I can help. Click the link below to set up a time for us to have a chat!