Hi! I’m Suzanne…

I’m married to my best friend and mom of four amazing kids. I started off as an engineer, but after a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease in 2009 that scared the death outta me, I started down a path determined to find a better, more natural way to heal than the medications the doctor told me was my only option. This lead me to functional nutrition. 

I found another option.

Through my studies and research, I’ve learned the effect diet, lifestyle, and stress can have on illness and disease. I’ve also learned how integral sleep is to health and healing. Until several years ago, I was an abysmal sleeper and I thought it was just the way it was as a busy mom of four. Of course, lack of sleep continued adding to my stress levels and I believe, 100%, played a significant role in my diagnosis. 

So many women struggle with getting enough sleep. We worry, our minds never stop, and there’s just. so. much. to. do. But we have to start realizing that it’s not possible to keep doing all the things if we’re not getting enough quality sleep on the reg. Something’s gotta give and believe me, eventually, give it will do. My diagnosis forced me to take a look at every aspect of my life and realize that in my efforts to be everything that everyone needed, whenever they needed it, I ignored so many of the warning signs my body was giving me and I ended up very sick. 

I struggled with sleep issues for pretty much my whole life and guess what? When we don’t sleep, we’re not healthy! I can happily say that I now consider myself to be a great sleeper, largely because I have found ways to find better balance in my life which has resulted in better balance in my body. This balance has allowed me to heal my body and manage my autoimmune illness completely drug free! It didn’t happen overnight and it took some pretty big-time dedication, but I got it done.

And boy, was it worth the effort!

I can honestly say I wake up feeling rested and refreshed pretty much every single day. From someone who struggled to get out of bed to get my kids to school every morning, I gotta tell ya…it feels amazing and I want to teach other women how they can feel amazing too! 

I’m on a mission to help women reverse their sleep troubles so they have the energy they need to get through the day and to avoid potentially developing more serious health issues, such as autoimmune illness and other chronic diseases. 

If you’re ready to sleep like a baby again and want to know how to do it, I can help. Click the link below to set up a time for us to have a chat!