Hi! I’m Suzanne…

I’m married to my best friend and mom of four amazing kids. In 2011, I got the shock of my life when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. At the time, my kids were young and my biggest fear was not being able to play with them anymore. My doctor at the time told me very deliberately that the only option for controlling the progression of the disease was several serious medications…

That part scared me as much as the diagnosis.

I can happily report that I’ve since proven there is OH SO MUCH MORE I could do. I’ve managed to bring my disease very much under control through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Although the changes weren’t complicated, it took some pretty big-time dedication, but I got it done.

And boy, was it worth the effort!

I developed a passion for learning all I can about how we can control our wellness and manage autoimmune conditions using nutrition and lifestyle choices. I felt a calling to teach others all about it. As a holistic nutrition consultant, I am determined to help others realize just how possible it is to manage autoimmune symptoms and bring the body back inBalanse

I have completely changed my health using nutrition and lifestyle adjustments and I teach you how to do that same!