Functional Nutrition Diet and Lifestyle Assessment 

This service is for the individual who needs some guidance regarding what changes they should make to their diet and lifestyle, but is able to take it from there on their own. 

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3 Month Functional Nutrition Coaching Package 

It’s not always easy to change the way we do things. This package provides recommended diet and lifestyle changes and then coaching and support while you implementing the recommendations and get used to the new routine. This package is a great way to make sure the changes last and to learn how to best mentally and physically nourish your unique body.

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6 Month Functional Nutrition Coaching Package 

This package offers extended coaching and support of your diet and lifestyle recommendations and allows time for us to get a good picture of how the diet and lifestyle changes are working for your body. The additional three months makes it possible for us to make further adjustments to the plan, if needed. 

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7 Day Food Journal Assessment 

This is a great way to get some feedback on your diet and receive recommendations to benefit your wellness. You keep track of what you eat over a 7 day period and I’ll provide some quick and easy changes you can make that will improve your diet and therefore, wellness. Recommendations will detail suggested nutrition changes and how they positively impact wellness.

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Additional One-on-One Sessions 

It’s my hope that after six months, your solid understanding of what works and what doesn’t for your body will enable you to maintain your path going forward. That said, sometimes we need additional accountability to keep on that path, in which case, I’m happy to offer guidance as long as you need it. Addition sessions can be purchased as a single session, or packs of 3 and 5 sessions.

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 Tailored Meal Plans

I will whip up a meal plan that is tailored specifically toward helping to balance things in your body and to your particular tastes. Tailored meal plans can be added to any plan: $50 for a 7 day plan and $75 for a 14 day plan. Contact me (click below) to discuss what meal plan options work best for you!

Functional Nutrition Group Coaching 

Have a group of friends who are ready to tackle common issues together? Group coaching is a great way to stay motivated and save money at the same time! Contact me to chat about a group program that’s tailored specifically to those symptoms the group members are struggling with most. Whether it’s chronic pain, anxiety, eating habits, skin issues, hormone troubles at any age…I can help!

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Cancellation Policy: please give me at least 24-hours notice any time you need to change or cancel your appointment. Appointments cancelled with less than 24-hours will be charged unless I can fill your spot. 

Prices are subject to change without notice.