So Many Supplements, So Little Time!

When it comes to supplements, there are two key things to remember…


1. You tend to get what you pay for, and

2. All things are not created equal.


Brand quality, formulations, and nutrient forms are all important factors that need to be considered when buying supplements…but there are just SO MANY OPTIONS! It can quickly become overwhelming.

Fear not! I can help through my on-line supplement store!

Fullscript allows me to make product suggestions to my clients that they can order directly through my store. It offers professional-grade products of guaranteed quality, so I know my clients are getting the absolute best, delivered right to their door. Another bonus…my clients get a 10% discount on every product!

If you have any questions about supplements that might help with symptoms you’re dealing with, fee free to send me an email or book a call with me so we can have a chat about what’s going on and how certain supplements can help.

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