Have you jumped on the essential oils train yet?

We’ve recently hopped on and I gotta tell ya…

I’m in love with essential oils.

My interest in essential oils was initially sparked simply because I’m drawn to natural, organic-type scents. One of my absolute favourite things about going to Florida is the fresh floral scent that hits me as soon as I step out of the airport. I love it. I feel an instant sense of calm and I can actually feel my body start to relax as I take a deep breath to capture it all. Scientifically, that’s exactly what’s happening as I take that breath…the molecules responsible for the scent stimulate the olfatory system. When the molecules reach the brain, the limbic system (closely linked to all areas that affect emotions) is triggered, promoting relaxation…if it’s a smell you like, of course. Turns out, same thing happens when you smell essential oils – they’re volatile aromatic compounds extracted from plants like the ones I love to smell in Florida. Simply sniffing an oil can provide an amazing holistic affect on the body…pretty cool, huh?

I live in a house where we all deal with anxiety in one form or another, so once I learned how effective essential oils can be for promoting relaxation, I was sold. Given the fact that I was in the middle of a holistic nutrition program at the time, I realized essential oils could not only benefit my family, but likely my future clients, as well. I started researching all things essential oils and it quickly became obvious how closely holistic health and essential oils are connected. 

But that’s not all!

Did you know that essential oils can be used for healing several common ailments? Things that most of us suffer from on a regular basis. As you’d expect from a holistic nutrition consultant, I find that so exciting! I’m super thankful for the miracles of modern medicine (which allowed me to get my disease under control when I was initially diagnosed), but if I can find a chemical-free option to relieve a headache, or to help me sleep more soundly, I’m going to grab that first. My research into essential oils led me to doTERRA and I was so impressed with the products, I skipped over becoming a customer and signed up as a Wellness Advocate right away. That was nine months ago and I continue to research and learn as much as I can about how doTERRA essential oils can help my family and my clients. 

So, why doTERRA?

That answer is simple…doTERRA essential oils are 100% pure. No chemicals, no additives, no synthetic fillers. I was actually quite surprised to learn that much of the essential oils sold in stores contain synthetic ingredients and those additives are often the reason for reactions in people and pets…not necessarily the essential oil itself as is often reported. There are a few other essential oil companies with good quality products, but I chose doTERRA because of their reputation, sustainable sourcing practices and strict testing, in addition to their top quality products. 

We use them everyday…

Essential oils have become a part of the daily routine in our house. We diffuse them in pretty much every room in the house, use them topically and also internally (another bonus about doTERRA’s quality). Each of us has experienced the benefits of essential oils in one way or another and are amazed at how well they work. Headachessleeping troublesPMS (this is personally, my most significant use of essential oils!), digestionimmune support, and anxiety are the major issues for which we’ve had great success with essential oils and the list continues to grow as we learn more about them. A great  first-hand example of their effectiveness for us was over the holidays when my oldest daughter was hit with the stomach flu. I shut her in a bedroom with a diffuser pumping out my immune blend and had other diffusers doing the same throughout the house. The rest of us rubbed the blend on our feet religiously for several days…not one of the rest of us got sick. The only one who did catch the bug was a friend who had been in the house the day before…and not near the oils. We were speechless…literally. We don’t get sick very often, but not ever has anyone in our house been able to avoid a stomach bug once it has entered the house. Amazing. 

I recommend to all of my clients they start incorporating essential oils into their everyday lives, even something as simple as a finding a scent that helps them relax. Feeling calm after smelling an essential oil might seem like a simple thing, but learning to relax is a struggle for so many people, myself included, and it has huge benefits to your body. There are hundreds of ways essential oils can enhance your health and wellness – they’ll support your body while it works to heal itself, as it was designed to do. 

Click here if you’d like to have a look at the products doTERRA offers. And if you’d like to learn more about how essential oils can help you and your family, let’s get together…it’s a topic I’m quite passionate about and I’d love to pass on all I’ve learned!