My 5 “Must-Haves” I Take With Me When I Travel

I’m getting ready to go away for a completely adult weekend, with no responsibilities (YAY!) and I’m making my list of what I need to pack. Besides the usual socks, undies, and clothes that everyone takes, I have a few extras that might be a little different than most folks…my 5 “must-haves” I take with me when I travel – things that help us to stay healthy and comfortable while we’re away. 

My husband always made fun of the difference between what he takes when he travels and what I take when I travel – and it usually has nothing to do with our clothes. My extras are supplements and oils that will keep us all healthy, happy and sleeping well while we’re away from our regular routines (a priority for most moms, regardless of how old your kids are!). I have noticed, however, that he’s recently started following my lead, so to speak, adding a few of my must-haves to his suitcase when he’s getting ready for a trip. Apparently, my list is working for him, too. *wink*

I love to travel, but I hate to get sick and these extras on my list help to prevent that from happening – to us or the kids! Here’s my list of 5 must-haves I take when I travel:

Water: It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing…water is a key factor for the immune system. It’s especially important, when you’re travelling, particularly when travelling by air. Most of us don’t drink enough water when we travel (I think because we all hate going to the public bathrooms!) and we get dehydrated more easily. When we’re dehydrated, the mucus in our noses dry out, making it easier for viruses to get in. So make sure your water bottle is filled when you leave and refill it several times along the way – especially when you’re flying. It’ll also give you more energy and make you feel better while you’re going from point A to point B.

Vitamin C: We go through a lot of vitamin C in our house and that doesn’t change when we travel. Our immune systems can take a hit from travelling, but vitamin C is a great way to boost it back up. Whether you’re in a car or on an airplane, spending a lot of time crammed up with a bunch of people, it’s quite likely you’ll come in contact with someone carrying a bug that will be more than happy to hop onto you. Another reason to bring along the vitamin C is that travelling can be stressful – especially during this time of year – and stress depletes vitamin C. Be sure to grab a bottle of vitamin C before you head out!

Magnesium: Referred to as the “relaxing mineral”, magnesium is another of my must-haves when we’re away. It’s an excellent (and safe!) way to help ensure you get a good night sleep every night. The last thing anyone wants is to get sick away from home and getting enough sleep is key to a healthy immune system. I don’t sleep well when I’m not in my own bed, but magnesium makes that a non-issue, which then makes for a much more enjoyable holiday for all of us! I also use magnesium when I’m flying…it helps me to sleep during the flight and also relaxes my legs so I don’t have to deal with restless legs.

OnGuard  and Immune Boost Essential Oil Roller bottles: These little gems help keep us healthy at home so we take them with us on the road! I rub the OnGuard roller on the palms of my hands while on a plane and even in the car after we’ve made a pit stop. We use the Immune Boost more so in the winter months – rubbing on the bottoms of our feet before getting on a plane and every morning while we’re away. The ingredients in both of these provide a boost to the immune system and help to keep us healthy during our travels.

Activated Charcoal: I always get a funny look when I tell people this one, but it’s been an excellent addition to my must-have list. Activated charcoal serves two purposes for us…as a hang-over prevention tool for those evenings when we might have indulged in a drink or two too many, and also to help fend off the virus when we’ve come in contact with the stomach flu. Just about every health food store carries them, so they’re easy to find. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you have some on hand when you travel (and at home), just in case!

I’ve had great luck with these babies while travelling and I highly recommend you try them for yourself. There is nothing worse than being sick when you’re away from home and these things will help make sure you enjoy every minute of your trip, whether it’s a road trip or you’re flying. Put them on your list!