My Story…

I was constantly exhausted and never felt quite right…ignoring that and chalking it up to the demands of raising four kids and getting older. Little did I know, I was battling rheumatoid arthritis (RA). I was clueless about RA and autoimmune diseases in general, and I was promptly prescribed multiple medications to prevent permanent joint damage, with no known cause or cure in sight.

I was terrified.

Realizing I couldn’t keep functioning as the mom I wanted to be while taking the medications, I started researching other options. I discovered the close link between autoimmune conditions and gut health, diet, sleep, and stress. Feeling like stress was inevitable in my busy life, I started by focusing on my diet. With guidance from a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, I pinpointed food sensitivities that were exacerbating my RA symptoms due to inflammation – eliminating these foods completely changed my life.

The results were astounding.

I transitioned from perpetual exhaustion to genuine health, defying the notion passed along to me that nutrition played no role in managing my disease. It wasn’t an overnight transformation; it took four to six months before I really started to notice any significant improvements. But with time, the improvements persisted. Despite being advised that medication was my sole option, I proved that adhering to basic nutritional guidelines, and incorporating supplements and lifestyle changes, it was entirely possible to keep my disease activity under control.

That pivotal moment occurred in 2011 and since then, so much has changed. My family, aware of the genetic possibility of developing autoimmune conditions, has adopted many of the same dietary changes. They do not have any known conditions yet and it’s my hope that by following the guidelines that brought balance back to my body, that will always be the case. I will say, it took them a while to embrace the changes (no big shocker there…change isn’t easy), but witnessing the positive impact it’s had on their lives has convinced them to keep going.

The profound influence of nutrition and lifestyle choices on our health fascinates me. Eager to deepen my knowledge and support of others, I set my sights on becoming a holistic nutritionist. The changes I made completely transformed not only my life, but also the lives of my family. Now I’m thrilled to educate and empower others, sharing the incredible potential of nutrition and lifestyle adjustments.

If you’re struggling with health issues that affect your daily life, I want you to know that reclaiming balance is 100% possible. I can guide you through the process of bringing things back inBalanse, helping you to regain control over your well-being and overall health. 

Let me show you how to overcome your struggles and embrace a healthier, more vibrant life. It truly is an incredible thing.