What Can I Help you as a Holistic Nutrition Consultant?


It’s all about Balanse.


A holistic nutrition and health coach will help correct imbalances in your body systems by looking at the person as a whole – nutrition, lifestyle and emotional health to identify root causes of these imbalances. I can help you improve issues such as:


  • Weight loss (even those stubborn pounds you just can’t seem to lose!)
  • Constant fatigue
  • PMS/perimenopause/menopause symptoms
  • Brain fog
  • Joint pain
  • Sleep problems
  • Digestive issues
  • Inflammation
  • General feelings of “unwell”

I’ll show you how to use whole foods as your first step toward bringing everything back inBalanse. Together we will identify areas of your life as a whole that are causing these issues and I’ll recommend changes that will significantly improve your quality of life – physically and emotionally – to achieve optimum wellness and happiness.