It’s All About Balanse

Think that being a terrible sleeper is just the way it is?

Think again!

There are a dozen different reasons why we struggle with sleep and I think women are especially affected by them. Some of the biggest reasons for sleep disruption include:

  • stress/worry
  • kids (see reason #1)
  • hormone issues
  • food sensitivities/digestive problems
  • pain
  • technology

Whatever the reason for it, not sleeping long or well enough is not good for your health. 

Sleep is so important for the body. When we’re asleep, we’re in a state of rest and restore that allows the body to heal. During the day, while we’re so busy being everything to everyone in our lives (and even some that aren’t!), it’s difficult for the body to get into that state, which is why enough quality sleep is so crucial to our health. Sleep also decreases disease risk, helps to manage appetite and weight, improves immune function, and supports mental health. Those things are important to everyone, but they’re especially important to women, who’s stress levels tend to run a little on the high side. The longer you go without sleeping well, the greater the chance of significant health issues developing in the body. 

Knowing what can cause sleep troubles is one thing, but figuring out exactly which ones apply to you is another thing all together.

 That’s where I come in! 

It’s about finding BALANSE in all areas of your life. I can recognize the symptoms you have that are wreaking havoc on your sleep patterns and I can teach you what you need to do to correct them. Don’t wait until more serious issues develop to get your sleep schedule back on track. You won’t believe how much it will change your life – and even the lives of everyone around you!

If you’re ready to kick your nighttime grief to the curb, I can help!

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