Welcome to Friday Favourites!

Anyone else find they’re a tad less motivated to be productive, work-wise- in the summer? I most definitely fall under that umbrella…and I have to say, the good ol’ COVID-19 hasn’t helped at all! I’ve been researching and planning to start this “Friday Favourites’ series for almost a month now…I keep thinking, 

“Ok, I’ll start next week…”

I realized this morning that we’re almost to the end of July (I also try not to pay too much attention to the day during the summer…lol!)! It’s high time to get at it, so…


Each week (at least, I’m going to try to do it each week), I’ll post some info about a favourite product or food that I use on the reg. I’ll include some deets about why I love it, what it’s good for, and where you can get it. There are so many products out there boasting so many benefits – many of which are just plain outrageous. I do a lot of research on different products and try a lot of things because I like to have an idea of how something works before I recommend it to anyone. My intent with this series is to offer a little insight that can help you “sift through the weeds” more easily and find some more natural help for what might be ailing ya. Recognizing that we’re all different, not everything will be of interest to everyone, nor will everything work for everyone the same way it does for me. You can pick and choose those that speak to you and give them a try!

That said, here’s my first favourite of the series: 

Propolis Throat Relief by Bee Keeper’s Naturals

What is Propolis?

Propolis is known as the immune system of a bee hive. We might think of it as a bee-made product, but it’s actually a resin that comes from trees to protect from disease and repair damage. Bees collect it from trees and use it as a “bee glue”, to patch and repair the hive. They also will deposit it just outside the hive to provide protection from anything outside that goes into the hive. So cool! It contains over 300 beneficial vitamins, minerals, and compounds that provide antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antibiotic properties – somewhat of a superhero, I’d say!

Propolis provides the same benefits to humans. Its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-viral, anti-ulcer, and even anti-cancer properties make it a powerhouse support for the body. It can assist in fighting illness and boosting the immune system and has been used to treat such things as:

  • oral disease
  • dental wounds
  • gastrointestinal infections/poor digestion (it can kill ulcer causing H. pylori without destroying the good gut bacteria)
  • vaginal infections and Candida
  • skin health – scrapes, burns and blemishes

Propolis is also an effective way to counter the effects of free radical damage caused by periods of stress…once again, Hello, COVID!

We all use it in our house. The minute anyone gets even a hint of a tickle in their throat, we shake it up and shoot 3-4 sprays to the back of the throat. It was especially helpful during the first few weeks of COVID…to fend off colds and also counter the stress. Peace of mind goes a LONG WAY in keeping one healthy! Besides keeping colds at bay, I’ve recently learned that propolis is great for allergies, too. Both of my sons suffer from seasonal allergies and have found this spray to help loosen up any “gunk” in their throats and also with nasal congestion. (Remember that bee products can cause allergic reactions in young children, so check with your doctor before giving this to young children.)

This stuff is amazing!

We have a bottle at home, one at the cottage and I carry on in my purse – to have on-hand to counter any stress I might run into on the go. It was actually sold out everywhere during the initial few weeks of COVID, but thankfully, I’m starting to see it pop back up everywhere. I buy it through Amazon (click photo above), but you can also pick it up at most health food stores. Bee Keepers Naturals is my go-to brand, but there are also propolis spray products available from other companies, if you’re not able to find this particular one.

If you’re looking for an immune support, I highly recommend you give this product a try. Natural, effective, great tasting and affordable immune support…what more can we ask for, in the middle of a pandemic?!?